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In collaboration with AIR LIQUIDE, we provide MEMBRANE SOLUTIONS FOR NATURAL GAS TREATMENT. Advanced technology for purification of natural gas and associated gas.

Our Solutions

Air Liquide Advanced Separations (ALaS) manufactures a comprehensive line of membrane products for natural gas and associated petroleum gas treatment. Our product portfolio includes the most robust and efficient hollow fiber membranes in the industry. Whether you need to simply dehydrate your natural gas stream for re-injection, adjust the BTU value for fuel use, recover NGLs, or meet export pipeline specifications, Air Liquide has a membrane solution for you. Air Liquide’s MEDAL and PoroGen PEEK-Sep product portfolio provides for natural gas conditioning solutions from the wellhead to the pipeline. Our All-Membrane SolutionTM greatly simplifies the gas purification process by removing multiple contaminants in fewer steps than conventional processes. Our All-Membrane Solution™ offers distinct advantages over conventional multi-step unit operations and spiral-wound cellulose acetate membrane alternatives. The benefits are magnified for offshore platform and FPSO applications where multiple contaminants must be removed from the gas stream.

MEDAL Membrane Material

The MEDAL membranes are asymmetric polyimide-based hollow fibers comprised of a core which is optimized for mechanical strength and a sheath optimized for gas separation.


CO2 Removal Membrane
HS2 Removal Membrane System
Nitrogen Generator
Fuel Gas Treatment Package (Membrane)

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