Our services include the removal of valves and actuators from the site; onshore or offshore, transportation, comprehensive services in the workshop, and timely delivery back to clients as well as other comprehensive services in the workshop. We do understand the criticality of downtime for operations, hence we provide in-situ services and repair job whenever we can without jeopardizing the compliance for highest quality and standard.

We leverage on Valser’s Engineering skills and knowledge. Our Engineers and Technicians have more than 10 years experience in Actuated Valves System (AVS) maintenance and are highly capable to ensure that your valves and actuators are thoroughly inspected to determine the specific services required. We offer a wide range of services inclusive of soft parts replacement, repair, testing, refurbishment and VOSS Specializes Services.

To ensure the quality of our services, we conform to the relevant engineering standards or to our clients’ own standards. We are proud to have built the know-how, skills, tools and resources to preserve valves for seaworthy transportation or for long-term inwarehouse storaging. To ensure continuous quality of services rendered and to protect the valves and actuators from corrosion and contamination.

The type of valves under our area of expertise for this scope are Ball, Choke, Buttery, Globe, Gate, Check, Control, Safety Valve and Electro Hydraulic.

The type of actuator under our area of expertise for this scope are Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Gas-over-oil, Electric (for MOV) and Electro-hydraulic control system (Midland-ACS brand).